Staff Picks


UV Cake Vodka

Morgan says, “When you drink UV Cake Vodka, you can drink it straight without a chaser or mixer. It tastes like a piece of birthday cake in liquid form–it’s sweet. It’s like ‘having your cake, and eating it too’! I bought this for one of my friends for their birthday, maybe you could too!”



Absolut Grapevine Vodka

Frankie says, “This vodka is really fruity and good! It’s sweet enough to where it doesn’t taste rough or burn when you drink it. There is a symphony of flavors and levels to this drink. I would recommend Absolut Grapevine Vodka because it’s a delicious way to have fun and enjoy a drink!”


KLINT’S pick

Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon

Klint says, “Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon is smooth, easy drinking and highly mixable. I prefer to drink it with ice, try it out!”



MIKE’S pick

Lagavulin Single Islay Malt Whisky Aged 16 Years

Mike says, “I love this scotch whisky because it is incredibly peaty. I believe this beverage to be for a sophisticated drinker; a great way to wind down an evening. The oak doesn’t burn and it’s super smooth. I’d have to say, it’s my favorite spirit that i’ve ever had.”